Agency policy

Our goal is to make Vinpack the leading manufacturer of plastic bags, biodegradable bags, laminated packaging, fabric bags, and paper bags in Vietnam by 2030, with a distribution network of agents in all 63 provinces and cities. Therefore, we always pay attention to policies and regimes for our distributors and agents.

I. General policy for agent development

  • Building a long-term and sustainable cooperative relationship based on fulfilling common commitments.

  • The cooperation between Vinpack and agents will be built on the principles of equality, respect, and mutual benefits.

  • Regularly sharing information and mutual support.

  • Fair support policies throughout the distribution system, committing to maximum protection for agents against market fluctuations and competition.

  • Vinpack will also have preferential pricing policies for agents, helping them enhance their competitiveness and attract customers.

II. Financial policy

1. Deposit payment policy: 

  • For new agents, when placing an order for custom production, you will have to pay a deposit of 50% of the total value of the order. The remaining amount will be paid upon receipt of the goods or transferred before delivery.

  • For loyal agents, the deposit amount for custom production can be negotiated depending on the value of each specific order.

2. Debt payment policy: 

  • For new agents, payment will be made upon receipt of goods or transferred before delivery.

  • For loyal agents, the debt payment policy will be based on the history of cooperation and payment. Specifically, the agent will be considered for credit limits and credit terms, but the maximum credit term is not more than 15 days.

​III. Ordering and delivery policy

1. Ordering policy: 

The ordering policy of the company depends on the production requirements of customers. 

  • For orders for custom production, the minimum production quantity will depend on the standard of goods.

  • For available orders, the minimum order quantity for each time of purchase is 100kg/total order or depending on the nature of the order.

​2. Shipping policy:

  • For customers in other provinces, we will support delivery to the bus station in Ho Chi Minh City. The shipping fee will be paid by the recipient, or we will support delivery to your location and negotiate the shipping cost with you.

  • For agents in Ho Chi Minh City, we will support free delivery to your location for orders with a minimum quantity of 100kg per delivery. If the quantity is less than that, we will charge additional shipping fee or you can wait for combined orders to get free delivery.

​IV. Support policies

1. PR - Marketing support policy: 

We will provide PR-Marketing support services for our agents, including:

  • Consultation and advertising support on social media.

  • Support for marketing images at points of sale such as counters, shelves, banners, posters, advertising boards, etc., depending on the actual situation.

  • Keep you updated on price and product information.

2. Goods return policy:

All products purchased by our agents at our company will be eligible for our return policy according to our company's regulations.

3. Technical support policy:

In case of complex orders or customers with high demands for products, we will support sample production (depending on the product, there may be a fee or it may be free) or provide technical support.

V. Requirements for agents

  • Display Vinpack's products at the store so that customers can easily find and purchase the products.

  • Support Vinpack when there are promotional programs and advertising taking place at the agent's point of sale.

  • Do not sell other products of the same type as those from other partners.

  • Prevent undercutting, agents must ensure not to sell Vinpack's products at a lower price than the proposed retail price.

Register as an agent

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