Return policy

With a mission to bring the best values to customers and with core values of:

       "- Always putting customers at the center of every thought and action.

        - Always treating customers with respect, friendliness, and courtesy.

        - Always proactively listening and advising customers on the most suitable products."

Vinpack always aims for maximum customer experience and satisfaction when placing orders with our company. Therefore, if the product is defective or not the chosen model, we commit that you have the right to exchange for another product or return the purchased product and receive a refund in the following cases:

1. For products with manufacturing defects: 

To ensure customer rights and satisfaction, Vinpack commits to implementing a return policy for products with manufacturing defects, ensuring compliance with the requirements and commitments stated in the purchase contract. 

Customers may be able to exchange for a new product with equivalent or better quality. Alternatively, customers will receive a refund of the deposit or payment made to Vinpack without incurring any additional costs. The following are examples of defects that may qualify for a return or exchange:

- Not consistent with the approved design.

- Not consistent with the quality as previously committed.

- Not consistent with the size or thickness in the contract (exceeding allowable tolerances).

- Not consistent with the color of the bag or printing color as previously committed (below 8/10).

2. For products without fault:

In case customers have purchased products from Vinpack but no longer find them suitable for their needs or have changed their plans and no longer need them, they have the right to return the products and receive their money back. Vinpack will accept returned products at 90% of the original purchase price, and customers will have to bear the shipping costs to the company's warehouse if they meet the following return conditions.

3. Return conditions:

- The product is not a special order item (manufactured specifically according to each customer's requirements).

- For special order items, customers can consign them to our company, and we will assist in selling them at a price agreed upon by both parties.

- The product must be unused, intact, and in its original condition (not dirty, wet, torn, and neatly packaged).

- The return period is no more than 15 days from the date of purchase.

- The full invoice and purchase documents are available. If there are not enough documents, we will not accept returns or exchanges of the product.


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