Information security

With the core value of "Customer-centricity", Vinpack always puts customers at the center of its thoughts and actions, always maintains a cheerful attitude, and takes customer satisfaction as the company's goal. Therefore, we always prioritize the privacy of our customers, committing to protect all personal information including name, address, phone number, email, or any other information that customers have provided to us on our website: https://vinpack/en.

Here are some privacy policies. Please take a look to understand how we use, store, and secure your information through which form.

1. Use of customer information 

When you access the website and provide personal information or comments, you agree to allow us to use this information for the following purposes:

- Contacting and providing support and advice to customers based on their needs and information provided to us. This helps us ensure that customers receive the most accurate support and advice.

- Contacting and delivering orders to the address provided by customers. This helps us ensure that customers receive their orders at the correct address and time as agreed.

- Recording feedback and improving the quality of our products and services. We will listen to customer opinions and apply improvements to ensure that customers are always satisfied with our products and services.

- Using information collected from cookies to improve the customer experience on the website and improve the quality of the company's services.

2. Storage and security of information

We are committed to protecting the information that customers provide to us in a safe and reliable manner.

All customer information will be stored on the company's server system and secured by technical measures and network security to ensure that information is not leaked or used illegally outside of the purposes stated in section 1.

3. Sharing customer information

Vinpack always commits not to share customers' information with any other company except for Vinpack Group subsidiaries and third parties directly related to support, sales, and delivery.

However, we may disclose or provide customer information in truly necessary cases, such as when requested by law enforcement agencies. We may also share information with advertising partners like Google, Facebook to remarket customers based on their behavior.

4. Changes to the privacy policy 

Vinpack may change its Privacy Policy when necessary to comply with the company's actual business situation and legal regulations. These changes include modifying or supplementing content, removing some content, or temporarily suspending the website without notice. 

However, if we make any significant changes to the Privacy Policy that may cause inconvenience to customers, Vinpack will notify customers by sending an email to the email address provided by customers (except in cases where we do not have an email address).

5. Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use, or storage of personal information that you have provided to us, please contact us at the email address: We will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for trusting us.

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